Preliminary Program

For your information, you can find the program as a PDF here.


December 8 (Monday)

Keynote Talk:   Dr. Fujii

Session 1: End-users

Eduard Jundt
Virtual Technologies at Volkswagen

Renaud Deligny
Usage of interactive simulation at Renault

Agata Marta Soccini
Virtual Reality Interface for Multidisciplinary Physical Analysis of Space Vehicles

Peter Nickel, Eugen Pröger, Rolf Kergel, and Andy Lungfiel
Development of a VR planning model of a river lock for risk assessment in the construction and machinery industry

Session 2: Tech-providers

Ralf Rabaetje
Realtime Physics in DELTAGEN

JB de la Rivière and J. Castet
Simpler Interfaces for Better 3D Simulation

V. Verhille, B.Bayart, M.Piuzzi and A.Vartanian
How to easily develop a VR experience from a 3D desktop application thanks to the TechViz TVZLib API

Friedhelm Birk
Visualisation trends 2014

Michaela Dierking
Visionary Render VR-Software - The usability of Virtual maintenance training in a VR environment

December 9 (Tuesday)

Keynote Talk:   Anthony Steed

Session 3: VISIONAIR

Charles Pontonnier, Thierry Duval, Georges Dumont
Ergonomics and Virtual Reality: VISIONAIR Project examples

Channarong Trakunsaranakom, Philippe Marin, Frédéric Noël
Assessment of Virtual Reality Environments for design activities

Robert IACOB, Frédéric Noël
Haptic Devices Evaluation for Industrial Use

Mauro Todeschini, Enrica Romano, Giovanni Viganò, Marco Sacco
DroneAGE: an Advanced Graphic Environment for planning and control of Drone missions

Christian Weidig
Classification of VR interaction techniques, based on user intention

Mohamed Anis Dhuieb, Farouk Belkadi, Florent Laroche, Alain Bernard
Thinking factory for the future: from PLM to augmented reality

Session 4: Tech-providers

Sebastien Kuntz
The challenges of creating a VR application in Unity

Eric Braux
Collaborative and Immersive environments,  Core technology update and new usages

Markus Hocke, Sebastian Pena Serna, Jan Wurster
Towards a new platform paradigm for synergetic Virtual Environments

Frank Gross
Head-Mounted-Displays - An Overview

Session 5: Applied Research / Infrastructure

Mikel Sagardia, Theodoros Stouraitis, and João Lopes e Silva
A New Fast and Robust Collision Detection and Force Computation Algorithm Applied to the Physics Engine Bullet

Stefano Mottura, Marco Sacco, Radu Emanuil Petruse
Experiencing Infrastructures Sharing for International Research Activities

Victor Häfner
PolyVR - A Virtual Reality Authoring System

Heiko Herrmann, Emiliano Pastorelli, Marcel Padilla
A.C.T.I.V.E. : A scalable superellipsoid-based CFD visualization for virtual and desktop environments

December 10 (Wednesday)

Keynote Talk:  Indira Touvenin

Session 6: Applied Research / Use-cases

Mirabelle D'Cruz, Harshada Patel, Laura Lewis, Sue Cobb
Feedback on in-flight applications of virtual reality to enhance comfort in future aircraft

Polina Häfner, Julia Seeßle,  Jana Dücker, Matthias Zientek, Filip Szeliga
Designing Energy E!ciency Concepts Using Virtual Reality

Cristian Postelnicu, Mihai Duguleana, Girbacia Florin, Doru Talaba
Towards P300 based brain computer interface for Computer Aided Design

Frederik Hoolhorst
Evaluating Shelf-ready Packaging’s On-shelf Performance in a VR Environment

Session 7: Applied Research / Augmented Reality

Joatan Preis Dutra, Ivana Raquel Ebel
Cultural hARitage: Augmented Reality applied on Cultural Heritage

Federico Bergenti
Augmented Reality for Field Maintenance of Large Telecommunication Networks

Monica Bordegoni, Francesco Ferrise, Ernesto Carrabba, Michele Di Donato, Michele Fiorentino, Antonio Emmanuele Uva
A tool based on augmented reality and mobile technologies to support remote maintenance

Alessandro Terenzi, Graziano Terenzi, Andrey L. Gorbunov
Pocket-size Augmented Reality System for Flight Control

Session 8: Applied Research / Interaction

Matthieu Poyade, Anna Lysakowski, Paul Anderson
Development of a Haptic Training Simulation for the Administration of Dental Anaesthesia based upon Accurate Anatomical Data

Lorenzo Picinali, Liam O'Sullivan, Douglas Cawthorne
Audio Tactile Maps (ATM) System for Environmental Exploration by Visually-impaired Individuals

Simon Hummel, Victor Häfner,  Polina Häfner, Jivka Ovtcharova
New Techniques for Hand Pose Estimation Based on Kinect Depth Data

Emmanuel Vander Poorten and J. Perret
To Feedback or not to Feedback – the Value of Haptics in Virtual Reality Surgical Training

Local Lab Demos

On Monday evening/night, several local labs will demonstrate their latest research results:
  • Computer graphics and virtual reality: haptics, camera-based hand tracking, space mission simulation
  • Fraunhofer Medical Imaging: surgery simulation
  • Robotics: catching balls, soccer-playing robots
  • Ambient assisted living lab
  • AI and robotics: Popcorn-making robot and Kitchen Activity Games in the robotics simulator
  • Augmented reality lab
  • Digital media
  • compArt: select old and new computer art